My residencies can:

  • stimulate students’ joy and ability in writing
  • increase students’ commitment to the study of history
  • teach students the methods and values of collecting community and family oral history
  • forge collaborations and connections between school and community
  • enable students at all levels to create and tell original stories
My workshops for teachers can:
  • increase their confidence and skill in storytelling
  • demonstrate and teach the value of incorporating storytelling into curriculum
  • help them introduce oral history into the curriculum as a dynamic teaching resource.

My school performances can:

  • make vital connections between national history and family and community stories about the past
  • demonstrate the value of collecting and presenting oral history
  • promote the ideals of community cooperation, mutual respect, and peaceful solution of conflicts

"I highly recommend Jo as a consulting artist; get her if you can! She is very knowledgeable about regional history, is a spellbinding storyteller, and is adept at working with teachers to enrich the curriculum. Jo is very creative but has a talent for listening before she offers solutions. She is invariably positive, constructive, and encouraging in her interactions with students and faculty."
- Nancy Harriman, Ph.D., Principal, Denmark and Brownfield (ME) Elementary Schools