Historical Societies and Community Groups

My workshops can help your society or your community

  • collect oral histories to bring the story of the community’s past to life
  • build bonds within the community and attract volunteers and supporters
  • create intergenerational projects with local schools
  • shape inspiring public performances based on local history

"Your workshop gave me many ideas of ways to draw people's stories out, and showed me many very useful, practical interview techniques. It also made me think more about the process and about the ideas behind oral history."
— Sophie Pinkham, New Haven, CT

My storytelling performances will:

  • delight audiences with their humor, poignancy, and vividness
  • inspire listeners to gather and tell their own family and community stories
  • serve as good fundraising events
  • introduce the importance of oral history on the eve of a workshop

"Great workshop. I feel inspired to take what I’ve learned and go out and get active!"
"Now I will begin collecting family stories through personal interviews.... Jo’s an excellent, generous instructor.... Excellent personal coaching/advice."
—Oral history workshop participants, Silver Spring, MD

My lectures on 19th-century New England history will:

  • engage and entertain audiences as public programs or conference keynote addresses.