Yankee Ingenuity: Stories of Headstrong and Resourceful People

"Yankee Ingenuity" CD cover



Stories like those included on 'Yankee Ingenuity' are the kind of stories that made me want to become a storyteller. Everyone, especially our young people, should hear them. While it may be too late to turn back the clock, stories shared can teach hard lessons in such a way that wisdom may yet prevail.

-- Linda Goodman



 There’s some truth to the image of traditional Mainers as self-reliant, neighborly, and clever at making things work.   They have a good dollop of boneheaded stubbornness, too.  Odd folks, welcome in rural Maine, give rise to good stories and affirm the independence we value.  Occasionally, they remind us of some hard realities.

This album is a tribute to such uncommon folks.


 "Yankee Ingenuity" is available directly from Jo Radner for $15 (postage included). Send your check to Jo Radner, P.O. Box 145, Lovell, ME 04051.

Or click here to order from CDBaby, or to listen to samples from the stories.

 "These people you will fall in love with - well, most of them!  There is humor and pathos, joy and sadness just as in our own lives.  What Jo does with her stories is give life and a voice to these people.  Her imagery is flawless, as is her delivery.  This is a pitch perfect recording and should be on everyone's listening list."

 -- Simon Brooks

This CD is definitely a "keepah!" Every time I listen, there are new discoveries, a greater appreciation of the nuances in Jo's telling, and a deeper understanding of a place and its people.  Jo's humor and wit add spice. These stories complement each other well - there's a nice flow to the program. You'll want to listen to these stories often - to relish the Maine spirit, and to learn from a masterful (and ingenious!) storyteller how to shape a good story.

-- Meg Gilman