Comments About My Work

“I highly recommend Jo as a consulting artist; get her if you can! She is very knowledgeable about regional history, is a spellbinding storyteller, and is adept at working with teachers to enrich the curriculum. Jo is very creative but has a talent for listening before she offers solutions. She is invariably positive, constructive, and encouraging in her interactions with students and faculty.”
– Nancy Harriman, Ph.D., Principal, Denmark and Brownfield (ME) Elementary Schools

“Your workshop gave me many ideas of ways to draw people’s stories out, and showed me many very useful, practical interview techniques. It also made me think more about the process and about the ideas behind oral history.”
– Sophie Pinkham, New Haven, CT

“Your evening of stories was so poignant and imaginative that I found myself transported to another world of your making.”
–Mari Hook, Chairperson, Denmark Arts Center, Maine

"The afternoon session of the Lincoln County History Consortium featured a comprehensive Oral History Workshop, sponsored by the Maine Humanities Council and presented by Jo Radner, a folklorist and oral history expert. Ms. Radner is both knowledgeable and entertaining, and the group responded enthusiastically with numerous questions, ideas, and suggestions. The workshop included planning an oral history project, questions development, recording techniques and potential uses of the material in future programming. Everyone walked away with renewed enthusiasm, new contacts and full of ideas."
–Peggy Shiels, Executive Director, Lincoln County Historical Association

“This course (The Art of Storytelling) has been a life-altering experience for me that I will always remember. Thanks to you, I am unleashing new powers of improvisation and creative play that I never even knew existed within me. You might say I have discovered my heart.–
–James McGrath Morris, teacher and author, Fairfax County, Virginia

“I thought the workshop was brilliant, and I say this as one for whom the storytelling process has always been deeply bound to the image of words on a page.... The students thought it was extremely helpful and in very new and concrete ways – not only helping them to see a character more clearly but giving them techniques for evoking characters in the future. They were particularly excited about the methods of engaging the imagination via kinetic memory that you introduced.”
–Professor Kermit Moyer, Director, MFA in Creative Writing Program, American University

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