Interviews and Workshops

My interviews can help your organization:

  • gather and save its crucial founding stories and traditions
  • start an oral history archive as a legacy for the future
  • develop a gracious and positive gateway for departing employees.

My workshops can help your organization:

  • integrate new employees into the values and traditions of the group
  • tell, preserve, and present stories that will improve communication and transmit important knowledge
  • ease mergers, downsizing, and other stressful personnel situations
  • renew and freshen commitment to projects and services.

"The monthly hospice volunteer support group had a great treat this month! Jo Radner, volunteer and professional storyteller, led a mesmerizing hour as she told a relevant and beautiful story which revolved around her family relationships, loss and healing.
Jo then conducted exercises to put each volunteer close to being in touch with her/his own story. Jo tied in the relevance of storytelling to working with terminally ill patients and encouraging and listening to each of their stories. This support group provided new and fresh ways to be a presence for those who are dying.”
--Nancy Barcelo, Volunteer Coordinator, VNA Care Hospice Network, Cambridge, MA