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“Your evening of stories was so poignant and imaginative that I found myself transported to another world of your making.”
–Mari Hook, Chairperson, Denmark Arts Center, Maine

“I wasn’t expecting to find new ways into my writing – especially not the ones I actually found.... It was all fun. Thank you!”
–Monica F. Jacobe, Takoma Park, MD

“I was just amazed at how much I picked up, in spite of the fact that I’ve been interviewing people for decades.”
–Barbara Matusow, journalist, Washington, DC

“I highly recommend Jo as a consulting artist; get her if you can! She is very knowledgeable about regional history, is a spellbinding storyteller, and is adept at working with teachers to enrich the curriculum. Jo is very creative but has a talent for listening before she offers solutions. She is invariably positive, constructive, and encouraging in her interactions with students and faculty.”
Nancy Harriman, Ph.D., Principal, Denmark and Brownfield (ME) Elementary Schools